CCTV and Access Control


CCTV installations are installed throughout the world, but what really matters is... What are they seeing?


For CCTV to be effective they must have a purpose! Specific survey, specific design, specific purpose. We can offer freedom to choose your installation! IP, Analogue, WiFi or over the airways 3/4G it's up to you 


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Access Control systems are probably the most important solution within the security industry today. They can help with: 

  • Preventing unwanted intrusion
  • Managing  movement safely around your building
  • Addressing access levels to specific areas
  • Protecting people, buildings and assets

Combined CCTV & Access Control


A perfect match in heaven! Manage your building with a combined CCTV & access control solution.


Together they're stronger, both systems complement each other and when it comes to verification of identity for those extra high security measures this is the system of choice.


Wire & Fiber UK can provide a complete service for whatever your requirement. Book a free, no obligation consultation & survey